Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 6. Private Correctional Facilities

Contracts With Owners Or Operators Of Private Correctional Facilities

53-30-608. Contracts with owners or operators of private correctional facilities. (1) Upon request of the legislative audit committee, the legislative audit division shall review the procedures by which a contract was awarded and shall review each contract prior to execution to determine if the contract includes the requirements provided in this part.

(2) A contract with an owner or operator of a private correctional facility must be awarded to the contractor who best meets the needs of the state and the department and demonstrates the capability of providing services requested.

(3) A contract must specify the type and level of services to be provided by the contractor. The contract must provide that a private contractor may not:

(a) choose the correctional facility to which an inmate is initially or subsequently assigned. A contractor may request the department to transfer an inmate to a state facility or to another private correctional facility.

(b) develop or adopt disciplinary rules that differ from the disciplinary rules, penalties, and policies of the department;

(c) make a decision that affects the sentence imposed on an inmate or the time served by an inmate;

(d) make recommendations to the board of pardons and parole with respect to the denial or granting of parole or release, except to submit reports to the board of pardons and parole and to respond to requests by the department or the board of pardons and parole;

(e) develop or implement requirements that inmates engage in any type of work, except to the extent that those requirements are accepted by the department;

(f) determine inmate eligibility for any form of release from a correctional facility; or

(g) use an inmate classification system unless it is approved by the department.

(4) Contracts may not exceed a term of 30 years and must contain provisions for renegotiation after 30 years. The provisions of 18-4-313 that limit the term of a contract do not apply to a contract authorized by this section.

(5) The contract must specify that the private correctional facility shall grant access to the legislative audit division or a person contracting with the legislative audit division for compliance auditing. The contractor shall provide access to all areas of the facility and to all records maintained onsite or offsite that pertain to all aspects of the facility, including but not limited to operation, financial, and inmate records.

History: En. Sec. 8, Ch. 511, L. 1997.