Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Department of Transportation General Powers and Duties

Seeding Along Highways

60-2-208. Seeding along highways. (1) After a segment of a commission-designated highway system or state highway is constructed, the department shall seed barrow pits, slopes, and shoulders to an adaptable perennial grass or combination of perennial grasses and legumes whenever establishment of perennial grass covers seem suitable. The seed must be certified.

(2) The department shall seek joint recommendations and specifications as to time and method of seeding, fertilizing practices, and grass species from the Montana extension service, the experiment station, and the natural resources conservation service.

(3) After a right-of-way in open range has been fenced pursuant to 60-7-103, the department may seed the land within the fence with a grass that may be cropped for hay and may lease the land or sell the right to take the hay to qualified persons.

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