Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General Provisions

Address Of Record -- Basis For Change -- Acknowledgment Of Current Address And Service -- National Change Of Address Program

61-3-119. Address of record -- basis for change -- acknowledgment of current address and service -- national change of address program. (1) (a) Whenever a person completes and submits a department-prescribed form, application, or similar document to the department, an authorized agent, or a county treasurer under Title 23 or this title or whenever a person is issued a notice to appear for a violation of a statute or a municipal ordinance regulating the operation of motor vehicles on highways, the person shall provide the person's current address on the form, application, or similar document or to the peace officer issuing the notice to appear.

(b) By manually or digitally signing the prescribed form, application, or similar document authorizing the electronic submission of the document to the department or providing the information to a peace officer, the person acknowledges that:

(i) the address is correct;

(ii) subject to the provisions of subsection (2)(b), any official notice from the department, including an order of suspension or revocation or mail renewal notice, must be sent by prepaid first-class mail to the most recent address on:

(A) the signed form, application, or similar document; or

(B) if a conviction or bond forfeiture resulting from the notice to appear that was issued, the notice to appear; and

(iii) subject to the provisions of subsection (2)(b), the notice from the department must be considered to have been accepted by the person at that address.

(2) (a) The department may contract with the United States postal service or an authorized agent to use the national change of address system for the purpose of obtaining current address information for a person whose name appears in a motor vehicle or driver record maintained by the department.

(b) If the department receives information from the national change of address system that indicates that a person whose name appears in a record has moved to another address, the department may update its records to include the new address and, after that date or until the person notifies the department, use the new address to correspond with or notify the person by first-class mail.

History: En. Sec. 6, Ch. 596, L. 2005.