Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Special Registration

Fees For Generic Specialty License Plates -- Disposition

61-3-480. Fees for generic specialty license plates -- disposition. (1) In addition to the other fees and taxes imposed by law, an eligible person who applies for a generic specialty license plate shall pay an administrative fee of $20 and, except as provided in 61-3-479(1)(b), the donation fee specified by the sponsor.

(2) The county treasurer or an authorized agent shall, upon receipt of the fees:

(a) deposit $5 of the $20 administrative fee in the county general fund;

(b) notwithstanding any other provisions of Title 7, Title 17, or this title and unless otherwise provided in 61-3-479(1)(b), accept the donation fee paid by the plate purchaser; and

(c) as provided in 15-1-504, once each month, transmit to the state for distribution:

(i) $10 of the $20 administrative fee for deposit in the account provided in 61-6-158;

(ii) $5 of the administrative fee to the state general fund; and

(iii) all donation fees provided for in subsections (1) and (3), along with a schedule showing the number and type of generic specialty license plates issued and total donations received for the benefit of each sponsor of a generic specialty license plate issued or renewed, to each respective sponsor.

(3) If the donation fee is required by a sponsor upon renewal of generic specialty license plates, the fee must be paid to the county treasurer or an authorized agent upon renewal of registration and transmitted to the state as prescribed in subsection (2).

(4) Once each month, the state shall distribute to the generic specialty license plate liaison designated by a sponsor under 61-3-475(1)(c) or 61-3-476(1)(c) an amount equal to the total donations credited to that sponsor and transferred to the department of revenue by the county treasurers during the preceding month.

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