Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Dealers

Assignment Of Demonstrator Plates

61-4-129. Assignment of demonstrator plates. (1) (a) A dealer or wholesaler may purchase demonstrator plates at a fee of $5 a plate.

(b) Demonstrator plates may not be issued to a new or used dealer whose business is restricted to the sale of power sports vehicles.

(2) (a) Except as provided in subsection (2)(c), demonstrator plates may be used on a motor vehicle displaying a Monroney label or a buyer's guide label, as required by 61-4-123(2), or on a truck, truck tractor, truck tractor pulling a laden or unladen semitrailer, or travel trailer that is:

(i) being demonstrated and offered for sale to a dealership customer for not more than 72 hours when operated by an individual holding a valid operator's license;

(ii) owned by the dealership when operated by an officer or bona fide full-time employee of the dealer or wholesaler and used to transport the dealer's or wholesaler's own tools, parts, and equipment;

(iii) being tested for repair;

(iv) being moved to or from a dealer's place of business for sale;

(v) being moved to or from service and repair facilities before sale; and

(vi) being moved to or from exhibitions within the state, provided the exhibition does not exceed a period of 20 days.

(b) Demonstrator plates may be used:

(i) on trailers being hauled to or from the place of business of the manufacturer and the place of business of the dealer or to and from places of business of the dealer;

(ii) on travel trailers held for sale to demonstrate the towing capability of the motor vehicle, for not more than 72 hours;

(iii) on any motor vehicle owned by the dealer that is used only to move a travel trailer that is in the dealer's inventory; and

(iv) on trailers being moved to or from exhibitions within the state if the exhibition does not exceed a period of 20 days.

(c) Extra demonstrator plates may be made available to dealers eligible for demonstrator plates under subsection (2)(a) to provide to one or more service repair facilities to be used when moving a motor vehicle in the dealer's inventory to and from the dealer's place of business and the service and repair facility prior to sale. A motor vehicle displaying demonstrator plates under this subsection is not required to have a Monroney label or a buyer's guide label as required by 61-4-123(2).

(d) A motor vehicle being operated in accordance with this subsection (2) need only display one demonstrator plate conspicuously on the rear of the motor vehicle.

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