Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Transportation of Vehicles

Permit And Transit Plates For New Motor Vehicles Being Transported By Driveaway Or Towaway Methods -- Used Mobile Homes

61-4-301. Permit and transit plates for new motor vehicles being transported by driveaway or towaway methods -- used mobile homes. (1) (a) A person, firm, partnership, or corporation, regularly and lawfully engaged in the transportation of new motor vehicles over the highways of this state from manufacturing or assembly points to agents of manufacturers and dealers in this state or in other states, territories, or foreign countries or provinces by the driveaway or towaway methods, when the motor vehicles being driven, towed, or transported by the saddle-mount, towbar, or full-mount methods, or a lawful combination of these methods, will be transported over the highways of the state only once, may annually apply to the department of justice for a permit to use the highways of this state and shall pay, upon filing the application, a fee of $100. Upon processing of the application, that department shall issue an annual permit to the applicant.

(b) A person moving used mobile homes from a point outside the state to a point inside the state may apply to the department for the permit authorized pursuant to subsection (1)(a).

(2) (a) The permitholder may also apply to the department of justice for five sets of transit plates showing the permit number for identification of the motor vehicles being transported by the permitholder, and the plates or devices may be used on a motor vehicle being driven, towed, or transported by and under the control of the permitholder. The department shall collect the additional sum of $10 for each set of transit plates or devices applied for and issued.

(b) A permitholder may apply for and receive more than five sets of transit plates in a calendar year if the permitholder can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the department, that additional sets of plates are needed based on the number of trip fees reported in Montana in the previous calendar year. The department shall collect $10 for each additional set of transit plates issued.

(3) The department of justice shall retain the permit and plate fees to defray costs of administering 61-4-301 through 61-4-308.

(4) The permit and transit plates or devices expire on December 31 of each year.

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