Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Gross Vehicle Weight Licensing Requirements

Monthly Payment -- Quarterly Payment -- Penalty For Failure To Pay Fee

61-10-209. Monthly payment -- quarterly payment -- penalty for failure to pay fee. (1) When the gross weight of a vehicle exceeds 24,000 pounds, the gross weight or special fees for trucks, tractors, or buses may be paid for a 1-month period for one-twelfth the regular fee or for a 3-month period for one-fourth the regular fee at the beginning of any quarter of the calendar year. For each fee paid other than at the time of payment of the annual vehicle registration fee, an additional fee of $5 must be charged. The department may adopt rules relative to the issuance and display of certificates or insignia, which must state the months for which the vehicle is licensed.

(2) A vehicle licensed under this section may not be operated over the public highways after the expiration of:

(a) the 1-month period until the owner pays the required fee for a license for an additional 1-month or 3-month period or for the remainder of the year; or

(b) the 3-month period unless the owner or operator of the vehicle, within 10 calendar days or 7 business days as provided by law, whichever is greater, pays the required fee for a license for an additional 1-month or 3-month period or for the remainder of the year.

(3) A person who operates a vehicle upon the public highways in violation of subsection (2) is guilty of a misdemeanor. In addition the person is required to purchase a gross weight license for the vehicle involved at the fee covering an entire year's license for operation of the vehicle less the fees for the period of the year already paid.

(4) If, within 5 days after a requirement under subsection (3) is applicable, a license for a full year has not been purchased as required, the Montana highway patrol, county sheriff, or city police may impound the vehicle in the manner that is directed for these cases by the department until the requirement is met.

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