Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Gross Vehicle Weight Licensing Requirements

Fees On Motortrucks, Truck Tractors, Trailers, And Semitrailers From Other States

61-10-211. Fees on motortrucks, truck tractors, trailers, and semitrailers from other states. (1) In lieu of other fees for the licensing of vehicles, there must be collected a fee for each motortruck and truck tractor already licensed for the year in another jurisdiction and operated upon an itinerant basis in this state. The fee provided in subsection (2) must be collected upon each entrance of the vehicle into the state and must be based upon the number of miles to be traveled in the state and the registered gross vehicle weight of the motortruck or truck tractor as shown in the application of the nonresident operator.

(2) The fee for each trip in Montana is:

0-200 miles 201-400 miles over 400 miles
Up to 46,000 lbs. $10 $15 $20
46,001 through 80,000 lbs.  20 30 40
Over 80,001 lbs. 50 65 80
Triple combination 60 80 100

(3) The fees do not apply to any trailer the principal use of which is as temporary or permanent living quarters, or to any vehicle of a carnival that is under contract with a state, county, or district fair association.

(4) A fee must be collected for each nonresident, unlicensed or unregistered trailer or semitrailer entering Montana. The fee for each trip in Montana is:

(a) $10 for each trip of 200 miles or less;

(b) $15 for each trip of over 200 miles to 400 miles; and

(c) $20 for each trip of over 400 miles.

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