Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Finance

Municipal Tax Levy

67-11-301. Municipal tax levy. The airport authority may certify annually to the governing bodies the amount of tax requested to be levied by each municipality participating in the creation of the airport authority, and subject to 15-10-420, the municipality shall levy the amount certified, pursuant to provisions of law authorizing cities and other political subdivisions of this state to levy taxes for airport purposes. The levy may not exceed the maximum levy that may have been established by the municipality or municipalities in the resolution creating the authority. The municipality shall collect the taxes certified by an airport authority in the same manner as other taxes are levied and collected and make payment to the airport authority. The proceeds of the taxes paid to the airport authority must be deposited in a special account or accounts in which other revenue of the authority is deposited and may be expended by the authority as provided for in this chapter. Prior to the issuance of bonds under 67-11-303, the airport authority or the municipality may by resolution covenant that the total amount of the taxes authorized by law or the portion of the taxes specified by the resolution will, subject to 15-10-420, be certified, levied, and deposited annually until the bonds and interest are fully paid.

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