Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Role of Commission and Power of Eminent Domain

Supervision Of Management Of Public Utilities

69-3-106. Supervision of management of public utilities. (1) The commission has the authority to inquire into the management of the business of all public utilities, shall keep itself informed as to the manner and method in which the business is conducted, and has the right to obtain from any public utility all necessary information to enable the commission to perform its duties.

(2) The commission, any commissioner, or any person or persons employed by the commission for that purpose, upon demand, has the right to inspect the books, accounts, papers, records, and memoranda of any public utility and to examine, under oath, any officer, agent, or employee of the public utility in relation to its business and affairs. Any person, other than one of the commissioners, who makes the demand shall produce the person's authority to make the inspection.

(3) The commission may require by order or subpoena, to be served on any public utility in the same manner that a summons is served in a civil action in the district court, the production, within this state and at a time and place that it may designate, of any books, accounts, papers, or records kept by a public utility in any office or place outside of the state or verified copies in lieu of the books, accounts, papers, or records, if the commission orders, so that that an examination of the books, accounts, papers, or records may be made by the commission or under its direction. Any public utility failing or refusing to comply with any an order or subpoena is subject to the liability provided for in 69-3-206.

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