Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Ratemaking Procedures

Schedule Of Rates, Tolls, And Charges

69-3-301. Schedule of rates, tolls, and charges. (1) Every public utility shall file with the commission, within a time fixed by the commission, schedules which shall be open to public inspection, showing all rates, tolls, and charges which it has established and which are in force at the time for any service performed by it within the state or for any service in connection therewith or performed by any public utility controlled or operated by it. Every public utility shall file with and as a part of such schedule all rules that in any manner affect the rates charged or to be charged for any service. When a schedule of joint rates or charges is or may be in force between two or more public utilities, such schedule shall in like manner be printed and filed with the commission.

(2) A copy of so much of the schedule as the commission considers necessary for the use of the public shall be printed in plain type and kept on file in every station or office of the public utility where payments are made by the consumers or users. Such copy shall be open to the public and in such form and place as to be readily accessible to the public and conveniently inspected.

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