Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 13. Change in Customer's Telecommunications Carrier

Misrepresentation Concerning Product Or Service -- Violations -- Complaints

69-3-1310. Misrepresentation concerning product or service -- violations -- complaints. (1) An entity may not misrepresent its association or affiliation with a telephone carrier when soliciting, inducing, or otherwise implementing the customer's agreement to purchase the products or services of the entity and to have the charge for the product or service appear on the customer's telephone bill.

(2) If the commission finds that an entity is operating in violation of any provision of this section, the commission may:

(a) order the carrier or a billing agent that bills directly for that entity to terminate the billing and collection services for that entity. The commission shall provide adequate time for the billing agent to terminate contractual agreements with the entity. This section does not preclude a carrier or billing agent from taking action on its own to terminate billing and collection services.

(b) prohibit the entity's billing aggregator from forwarding any charges from an entity operating in violation of this section to a carrier or billing agent for placement on a customer's telephone bill.

(3) Failure by an entity to respond to commission requests for information related to an investigation of a possible violation of this section is grounds for the commission to:

(a) order the carrier, billing aggregator, or billing agent that bills directly for the entity to cease billing and collection services for the service provider; or

(b) prohibit a billing aggregator from forwarding charges to the billing agent to be placed on a customer's telephone bill.

(4) This section does not obligate a billing agent to provide billing and collection services to a billing aggregator or service provider.

(5) A telephone company has a right of indemnity against anyone who has provided it with false information as to the status of charges billed on behalf of a service provider.

History: En. Sec. 7, Ch. 249, L. 2003.