Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Construction Standards for Utility Lines and Facilities

Application Of National Electrical Safety Code

69-4-201. Application of national electrical safety code. (1) The national electrical safety code standards govern all construction involving wires for power, heat, light, telephone, telegraph, or signal transmission or reception. Except as provided in 69-4-203, electrical construction of overhead and underground electrical supply and communication lines in the state must be in conformity with the rules set forth in the national electrical safety code approved by the American national standards institute as published by the institute of electrical and electronic engineers. The national electrical safety code provides construction standards and must be enforced by the commission. Proof of compliance with the requirements of an applicable national electrical safety code standard establishes due care in the defense of a negligence claim alleging a violation of that standard.

(2) The commission shall adopt rules to implement and enforce this part. The commission shall adopt by rule standards for electrical safety. The standards must be based on standards published in the most recent edition of the national electrical safety code.

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