Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Role of Commission

Supervision And Regulation Of Motor Carriers

69-12-201. Supervision and regulation of motor carriers. (1) The commission has the power and authority and it is its duty to:

(a) supervise and regulate every motor carrier in this state;

(b) fix, alter, regulate, and determine specific, just, reasonable, equal, nondiscriminatory, and sufficient rates, fares, charges, and classifications for Class A motor carriers;

(c) regulate the properties, facilities, operations, accounts, service, practices, and affairs of all motor carriers;

(d) require the filing of annual and other reports, tariffs, schedules, or other data by motor carriers;

(e) supervise and regulate motor carriers in all matters affecting the relationship between motor carriers and the traveling and shipping public.

(2) The commission may, by general order or otherwise, prescribe rules in conformity with this chapter and applicable to any and all motor carriers.

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