Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Classification and Motor Carrier Certificates

Class C Contract Requirements

69-12-302.  Class C contract requirements. (1) A Class C motor carrier may operate under no more than six contracts that are effective at any given time, and each contract must be effective for a minimum of 180 days. Before transportation service may commence, pertinent contract information must be furnished to the commission for each contract on forms prescribed by the commission. The commission shall retain a duplicate of the information in its files, and a copy of the form, confirmed by the commission, must be kept in the cab of the motor carrier when operating under that contract.

(2) All Class C motor carriers shall annually submit to the commission the names and addresses of all persons, corporations, or other legal entities with whom the Class C carrier has executed a contract, charter, agreement, or undertaking for the distribution, delivery, or collection of wares, merchandise, or commodities or for transporting persons.

(3) The provisions of this section do not apply to solid waste contractors, transportation of recyclables, household goods carriers, or house movers, as defined by the department of public service regulation, or any carrier whose authority is limited to the pickup and delivery of property and is confined by certificate to transportation within a distance of 50 miles or less from a particular location. A carrier whose property authority is incidental to the transportation of persons is not included in the exemption under this subsection.

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