Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Requirements for Motor Carriers

Records And Reports

69-12-407. Records and reports. (1) All records, books, accounts, and files of a Class A and Class D motor carrier in this state, as they relate to the business of transportation conducted by the motor carrier, must at all times be subject to examination by the commission or by any authorized agent or employee of the commission. The commission shall prescribe a uniform system of accounts and uniform reports covering the operations of Class A and Class D motor carriers. A motor carrier authorized to operate in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall keep its records, books, and accounts according to the uniform system to the extent possible.

(2) Before April 1 of each year, unless this deadline has been extended for good cause by the commission, a motor carrier authorized to engage in business shall file with the commission a report, under oath, on a form prescribed and furnished by the commission.

(3) In addition to other reporting requirements, a Class D motor carrier shall provide sufficient information to the commission to show that the carrier is entitled to possess the Class D motor carrier certificate of public convenience and necessity under the requirements of 69-12-314.

(4) (a) To ensure safety with respect to transportation network carrier drivers affiliated with Class E motor carriers, the commission may conduct audits of a Class E motor carrier, but not more than twice annually.

(b) A Class E motor carrier shall, upon request from the commission, provide to the commission up to 1,000 unique identification numbers, each of which has been assigned by the motor carrier to an individual transportation network carrier driver affiliated with the motor carrier.

(c) The commission may request from the Class E motor carrier copies of records held by the motor carrier for up to 10 of the motor carrier's drivers, who may be identified in the request only by the driver's unique identification number.

(d) The Class E motor carrier shall comply with the request in an electronic format acceptable to the commission within 1 business day after receiving the request.

(e) The Class E motor carrier may redact the records provided to the commission under subsection (4)(d) to protect the individual privacy of the transportation network carrier's drivers, including information that could be used to identify a driver. Information that a Class E motor carrier may redact includes but is not limited to the transportation network carrier driver's name, address, and social security number, other than the last four digits.

(5) Except as required by Article II, section 9 or 10, of the Montana constitution, the records obtained by the commission under subsection (4) may not be publicly disclosed by the commission.

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