Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Rights and Duties of the Parties

Landlord Authorized To Adopt Rules

70-24-311. Landlord authorized to adopt rules. (1) A landlord may adopt a rule concerning the tenant's use and occupancy of the premises. A rule is enforceable against the tenant only if:

(a) its purpose is to promote the convenience, safety, or welfare of the occupants in the premises, preserve the landlord's property from abusive use, or make a fair distribution of services and facilities held out for the tenants generally;

(b) it is reasonably related to the purpose for which it is adopted;

(c) it applies to all occupants in the premises in a fair manner;

(d) it is sufficiently explicit in its prohibition, direction, or limitation of the tenant's conduct to fairly inform the tenant of what the tenant must or must not do to comply;

(e) it is not for the purpose of evading the obligations of the landlord; and

(f) the tenant has notice of it at the time that the tenant enters into the rental agreement or when it is adopted.

(2) A rule adopted by a landlord must be in writing and must be given to each tenant residing on the premises and to each new tenant upon arrival.

(3) If a rule is adopted after a tenant enters into a rental agreement that works a substantial modification of the tenant's bargain, it is not valid until 7 days after written notice to the tenant in the case of a week to week tenancy or 30 days' written notice in the case of tenancies from month to month.

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