Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Mortgages of Real Property

Future Advances

71-1-206. Future advances. (1) The amount of future advances or total indebtedness that may be outstanding at any given time and subject to mortgage protection must be stated in the mortgage. The mortgagee may reserve the right, at the mortgagee's option, to refuse to make all or any part of a future advance. The total amount of indebtedness that may be secured by the mortgage may decrease or increase from time to time, but the total principal amount of the obligations secured at any one time may not exceed the face amount stated in the mortgage together with interest as provided in the instrument secured by the mortgage.

(2) The lien for the stated amount of future advances or total indebtedness shall, notwithstanding the fact that from time to time during the term of the mortgage no indebtedness is due from the mortgagor to the mortgagee, have priority to the same extent as if the amount thereof had been actually advanced by the mortgagee to the mortgagor at the time of the execution of the mortgage. The lien extends to interest as provided in the instrument secured by the mortgage.

(3) The mortgagee shall, upon demand of the mortgagor or a creditor, furnish a statement of all such advances and amounts paid on the principal sum secured, provided such statement shall not impair or affect the lien created for all advances. Upon receipt of such statement or at any other time following the execution and delivery of the mortgage, the mortgagor may deliver written notice, duly acknowledged, to the mortgagee plainly stating that the mortgagor does not desire to request or apply for any future advances if none have been allowed or for any further advances if additional advances have in fact been theretofore allowed under the mortgage, clearly identifying the mortgage by reference to its date, the parties thereto, and the principal amount of the original indebtedness and the limit placed on contemplated future advances, if allowed. Upon the recording of such written notice by the mortgagor in the county and counties where the mortgage is recorded, the lien of the mortgage shall continue to have priority, but only for the aggregate amount of the indebtedness then existing, including any advances theretofore made, interest due, and other charges as evidenced by the original loan-contract and indebtedness thereafter accumulating on such basis, exclusive of any other future advances originally contemplated. The mortgagor retains the right to demand satisfaction of the mortgage at any time the balance is zero.

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