Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Administrative Agencies

Water Pollution Control Advisory Council -- General

75-5-221. Water pollution control advisory council -- general. (1) The council provided for in 2-15-2107 shall select a presiding officer from among its members. The director of the department of environmental quality shall designate a member of the staff of the department to act as secretary to the council. The secretary shall keep records of all actions taken by the council.

(2) Meetings must be held at the call of the presiding officer or on written request of two or more members.

(3) Each member may, by filing with the secretary, designate a deputy or alternate to perform the member's duties.

(4) The council shall act only in an advisory capacity to the department on matters relating to water pollution.

(5) The director of the department may designate other persons to participate with council members in evaluating particular issues arising under this chapter that are brought before the council.

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