Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Act

Revolving Fund

75-6-211. Revolving fund. (1) There is established in the state treasury a separate account designated as the drinking water state revolving fund. The corpus of the fund must be available in perpetuity for providing assistance under this part. There are established within the revolving fund a federal allocation account, a state allocation account, an administration account, an investment income account, and a debt service account. A nonproject account for the program is established in the state treasury as a separate account that is outside the revolving fund.

(2) There must be credited to:

(a) the federal allocation account:

(i) all amounts received by the state pursuant to the federal act as capitalization grants for a state revolving fund to provide loans or other assistance, as authorized under this part, to community water systems and nonprofit noncommunity water systems; and

(ii) all amounts transferred to the fund from the water pollution control state revolving fund under 75-5-1106;

(b) the state allocation account:

(i) the net proceeds of bonds of the state issued pursuant to 75-6-225, less any proceeds deposited to the administration account as provided in subsection (2)(c)(ii);

(ii) money appropriated by the legislature; and

(iii) other available qualifying funds;

(c) the administration account, an amount not to exceed 4% of the federal capitalization grant award or the maximum amount allowed by the federal act for payment of administrative costs and that may include a combination of:

(i) federal funds; and

(ii) the proceeds of bonds of the state issued pursuant to 75-6-225 as the department determines necessary and as required by the federal act for state matching funds to assist in administering the program;

(d) the investment account, all money received from investment of amounts in those accounts in the revolving fund designated by the board of examiners in the resolution or trust indenture authorizing the issuance of bonds;

(e) the debt service account, the interest portion of loan repayments; and

(f) the nonproject account for department programs authorized under section 300j-12(g)(2) of the federal act (42 U.S.C. 300j-12(g)(2)), up to 10% of the capitalization grant and the state's match as described in 75-6-204.

(3) Each loan made under this part must be funded and disbursed from the federal allocation account or the state allocation account, or both, by the department of natural resources and conservation as recommended by the department. All amounts received in payment of principal or interest on a loan must be credited to the revolving fund. If bonds have been issued pursuant to 75-6-225 and are outstanding, the interest payments must be transferred to the debt service account securing the bonds. Money in the debt service account that is not required for debt service may be transferred to other accounts within the revolving fund as provided in the resolution or trust indenture authorizing the bonds. The department may transfer payments and prepayments of the principal of loans deposited in the state allocation account to the state allocation account of the state's water pollution control revolving fund program.

(4) The department of natural resources and conservation may establish additional accounts and subaccounts within the revolving fund that it considers necessary to account for the program money and to ensure compliance with the federal act and this part.

(5) As allowed under the federal act, the governor may reserve or transfer to the state's water pollution control revolving fund up to 33% of the state's drinking water revolving fund program capitalization grant. The transfer of funds must be included in the intended use plan in 75-6-231.

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