Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Plans, Funds, and Administration

Solid Waste Management Fee

75-10-115. Solid waste management fee. (1) The department may adopt rules, pursuant to 75-10-104, that set fees for the management and regulation of solid waste at facilities subject to regulation pursuant to part 2 of this chapter. Upon adoption, the department may collect the fees. These fees may include:

(a) a license application fee that reflects the cost of reviewing a new solid waste management system or a substantial change to an existing facility from the time an application is made until the license is issued or denied;

(b) a flat annual license renewal fee that reflects a minimal base fee related to the fixed costs of an annual inspection and license renewal. The initial annual fee year for a new facility commences on the date that the facility initially receives waste. The fee must be based upon the categorization of solid waste management systems into separate classes identified by the following criteria:

(i) the quantity of solid waste received by the solid waste management system;

(ii) the nature of the solid waste received; and

(iii) the nature of the waste management occurring within the solid waste management system.

(c) a tonnage or volume-based fee on solid waste disposal.

(2) All fees collected must be deposited in the solid waste management account provided for in 75-10-117.

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