Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Licensing of Refuse Disposal and Transportation Montana Solid Waste Management Act

Disposal In Unauthorized Area Prohibited -- Exception

75-10-212. Disposal in unauthorized area prohibited -- exception. (1) A person may not dispose of solid waste except as permitted under this part.

(2) It is unlawful to dump or leave any garbage, dead animal, or other debris or refuse:

(a) in or upon any highway, road, street, or alley of this state;

(b) in or upon any public property, highway, street, or alley under the control of the state of Montana or any political subdivision of the state or any officer or agent or department of the state or political subdivision of the state;

(c) within 200 yards of a public highway, road, street, or alley or public property;

(d) on privately owned property where hunting, fishing, or other recreation is permitted; however, this subsection does not apply to the owner, the owner's agents, or those disposing of debris or refuse with the owner's consent.

(3) A person in violation of this section is absolutely liable, as provided in 45-2-104, and is subject to the civil penalties provided in 75-10-233.

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