Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Motor Vehicle Recycling and Disposal

Adoption Of Rules

75-10-503. Adoption of rules. (1) The department shall adopt rules necessary for the administration of this part, except 75-10-520, including but not limited to rules pertaining to:

(a) the establishment, control, operation, and licensing of motor vehicle wrecking facilities and graveyards;

(b) the control of junk vehicles in locations other than motor vehicle wrecking facilities and graveyards;

(c) the inspection and evaluation of premises and records subject to or required by this part;

(d) the development of budget and fiscal forms and procedures for counties;

(e) the review, approval, and control procedures for county motor vehicle graveyards developed under this part; and

(f) the shielding of a junk vehicle and motor vehicle wrecking facility and graveyard from public view. The department may not adopt a rule that requires any motor vehicle wrecking facility that existed prior to July 1, 1973, and that has been continuously used as a motor vehicle wrecking facility to construct a fence or barrier that would be in excess of 12 feet in height.

(2) The department shall adopt rules authorizing the sale of junk vehicles by county motor vehicle graveyards to licensed motor vehicle wrecking facilities.

(3) The department shall adopt rules providing for the reimbursement of hired removal charges of certain abandoned vehicles in accordance with 61-12-401.

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