Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Montana Underground Storage Tank Act

Administrative Rules -- Underground Storage Tanks -- Petroleum Mixing Zones

75-11-505. Administrative rules -- underground storage tanks -- petroleum mixing zones. (1) The department may adopt, amend, or repeal rules for the prevention and correction of leakage from underground storage tanks, including:

(a) reporting by owners and operators;

(b) financial responsibility;

(c) release detection, prevention, and corrective action;

(d) procedures and standards for the issuance, nonissuance, renewal, nonrenewal, modification, revocation, suspension, and enforcement of permits authorizing the operation of underground storage tanks;

(e) standards for design, construction, installation, and closure;

(f) development of a schedule of annual fees, not to exceed $108 for a tank over 1,100 gallons and not to exceed $36 for a tank 1,100 gallons or less, for each tank, for tank registration to defray state and local costs of implementing an underground storage tank program. The department may prorate fees to cover periods not equal to 12 months in order to provide staggered scheduling of renewal dates.

(g) a system for assessment of administrative penalties, notice, and appeals under 75-11-525; and

(h) delegation of authority and funds to local agents for inspections and implementation. The delegation of authority to local agents must complement and may not duplicate existing authority for implementation of rules adopted by the department of justice that relate to underground storage tanks.

(2) In accordance with 75-11-508, the department:

(a) shall adopt rules governing the inclusion of a petroleum mixing zone, as defined in 75-11-503, in a corrective action plan; and

(b) may incorporate by reference rules adopted pursuant to 75-5-301 and 75-5-303 related to mixing zones for ground water.

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