Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Outdoor Advertising

Entry To Inspect -- Notice Of Unlawful Advertising -- Remedial Action

75-15-131. Entry to inspect -- notice of unlawful advertising -- remedial action. (1) The department may enter upon lands bearing outdoor advertising and make examination of such advertising.

(2) The department shall give notice in writing, either by certified mail or by personal service, to the owner or occupant of the land on which advertising believed to be unlawful is located and to the owner of the outdoor advertising structure if the latter is known or, if unknown, by posting notice in a conspicuous place on the structure of its intention to remove the unlawful advertising. Within 45 days after the notice, the owner of the land or of the structure may make a written request for a hearing before the commission to show cause why the structure should not be removed.

(3) If a hearing before the commission is not requested or if there is no appeal taken from the commission's decision at the hearing or if the commission's decision is affirmed on appeal, the department shall immediately remove or cause to be removed the unlawful outdoor advertising. The department may, upon final determination by the commission that an item of outdoor advertising is unlawful, enter upon lands bearing such advertising and remove the unlawful advertising.

(4) The owner of the structure and the owner or occupant of the land are jointly and severally liable for the costs of the removal.

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