Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Municipal Zoning

Extension Of Municipal Zoning And Subdivision Regulations Beyond Municipal Boundaries

76-2-310. Extension of municipal zoning and subdivision regulations beyond municipal boundaries. (1) Except as provided in 76-2-312 and except in locations where a county has adopted zoning or subdivision regulations, a city or town council or other legislative body that has adopted a growth policy pursuant to chapter 1 for the area to be affected by the regulations may extend the application of its zoning or subdivision regulations beyond its limits in any direction subject to the following limits:

(a) up to 3 miles beyond the limits of a city of the first class as defined in 7-1-4111;

(b) up to 2 miles beyond the limits of a city of the second class; and

(c) up to 1 mile beyond the limits of a city or town of the third class.

(2) When two or more noncontiguous cities have boundaries so near to one another as to create an area of potential conflict in the event that all cities concerned should exercise the full powers conferred by 76-2-302, 76-2-311, and this section, then the extension of zoning or subdivision regulations, or both, by these cities must terminate at a boundary line agreed upon by the cities.

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