Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Miscellaneous Exemptions

Exemption For Certain Divisions Of Land -- Fees For Examination Of Division

76-3-201. Exemption for certain divisions of land -- fees for examination of division. (1) Unless the method of disposition is adopted for the purpose of evading this chapter, the requirements of this chapter may not apply to any division of land that:

(a) is created by order of any court of record in this state or by operation of law or that, in the absence of agreement between the parties to the sale, could be created by an order of any court in this state pursuant to the law of eminent domain, Title 70, chapter 30;

(b) subject to subsection (4), is created to provide security for mortgages, liens, or trust indentures for the purpose of construction, improvements to the land being divided, or refinancing purposes;

(c) creates an interest in oil, gas, minerals, or water that is severed from the surface ownership of real property;

(d) creates cemetery lots;

(e) is created by the reservation of a life estate;

(f) is created by lease or rental for farming and agricultural purposes;

(g) is in a location over which the state does not have jurisdiction; or

(h) is created for rights-of-way or utility sites. A subsequent change in the use of the land to a residential, commercial, or industrial use is subject to the requirements of this chapter.

(2) An exempt division of land as provided in subsection (1)(a) is not considered a subdivision under this chapter if not more than four new lots or parcels are created from the original lot or parcel.

(3) Before a court of record orders a division of land under subsection (1)(a), the court shall notify the governing body of the pending division and allow the governing body to present written comment on the division.

(4) An exemption under subsection (1)(b) applies:

(a) to a division of land of any size;

(b) if the land that is divided is not conveyed to any entity other than the financial or lending institution to which the mortgage, lien, or trust indenture was given or to a purchaser upon foreclosure of the mortgage, lien, or trust indenture. Except as provided in subsection (5), a transfer of the divided land, by the owner of the property at the time that the land was divided, to any party other than those identified in this subsection (4)(b) subjects the division of land to the requirements of this chapter.

(c) to a parcel that is created to provide security as provided in subsection (1)(b). The remainder of the tract of land is subject to the provisions of this chapter, if applicable.

(5) If a parcel of land was divided pursuant to subsection (1)(b) and one of the parcels created by the division was conveyed by the landowner to another party without foreclosure before October 1, 2003, the conveyance of the remaining parcel is not subject to the requirements of this chapter.

(6) The governing body:

(a) may examine a division of land to determine whether or not the requirements of this chapter apply to the division;

(b) may establish reasonable fees, not to exceed $400, for the examination;

(c) shall complete the examination and approve or deny the application for a division of land under this section within 20 working days of the receipt of an application containing all materials and information required by the governing body to complete the examination under regulations adopted pursuant to 76-3-504(1)(p); and

(d) may not impose conditions on the approval of a division of land under this section except for conditions necessary to ensure compliance with the survey requirements of Title 76, chapter 3, part 4.

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