Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Role of State Agencies

Program For Delineation Of Flood Plains And Floodways

76-5-201. Program for delineation of flood plains and floodways. (1) The department shall initiate a comprehensive program for the delineation of designated flood plains and designated floodways for each watercourse and drainway in the state. It shall make a study relating to the acquiring of flood data and may enter into arrangements with the United States geological survey, the United States army corps of engineers, or any other state or federal agency for the acquisition of data.

(2) Before the department establishes by order a designated flood plain or a designated floodway, the department shall consult with the affected political subdivisions. Consultation must include but is not limited to the following:

(a) specifically requesting that the political subdivisions submit pertinent data concerning flood hazards, including flooding experiences, plans to avoid potential hazards, estimates of economic impacts of flooding on the community, both historical and prospective, and other data that is considered appropriate;

(b) notifying local officials, including members of the county commission, city council, and planning board, of the progress of surveys, studies, and investigations and of proposed findings, along with information concerning data and methods employed in reaching conclusions; and

(c) encouraging local dissemination of information concerning surveys, studies, and investigations so that interested persons will have an opportunity to bring relevant data to the attention of the department.

(3) Nothing in this part precludes a political subdivision from designating by ordinance or resolution, without prior state designation, flood plains and floodways as designated by the United States federal emergency management agency and as necessary for compliance with the national flood insurance program if the department determines the designation is in compliance with parts 1 through 4 of this chapter.

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