Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Control of Timber Slash and Debris

Reduction Of Slash And Debris Along Right-Of-Way

76-13-407. Reduction of slash and debris along right-of-way. (1) A person clearing right-of-way for any railroad, public highway, public trail, private road, trail, ditch, dike, pipeline or wire lines, or any other transmission or transportation utility right-of-way, except temporary roads located within the boundaries of the cutting area and which are used in the actual logging operations, shall reduce the hazard resulting from the clearing or from the cutting of material for the construction of the public or private utility unless exempted by the department. At least 10 days before commencement of the clearing, the person conducting the clearing shall notify the department of commencement of the clearing in the form and manner the department provides.

(2) Hazard reduction, excluding burning where this method is used, shall be done as rapidly as cutting or clearing progresses.

(3) This section applies to all clearing of rights-of-way across private land and on behalf of the state, county, highway districts, and road districts, whether the work is done by day labor or by contract, and unless unavoidable emergency prevents, provision shall be made by the proper officials conducting, directing, or letting the work for withholding until it is complete a sufficient portion of the payment to assure compliance with this part.

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