Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Control of Timber Slash and Debris

Duty Of Purchaser To Ensure Compliance -- Statement -- Bond

76-13-409. Duty of purchaser to ensure compliance -- statement -- bond. (1) The initial purchaser of forest products that have been cut or are about to be cut from any private forest lands within the state shall, before making the purchase or contract to purchase, determine that the person engaged or about to engage in the cutting of these forest products has provided for the reduction or management of the fire hazard by entering into a fire hazard reduction agreement or that the person has been issued an exemption certificate as provided in 76-13-408.

(2) The purchaser shall withhold sufficient money to meet the requirements of the bond provided for in 76-13-408 plus the fees for administration, inspection, and enforcement by the department as provided in the fire hazard reduction agreement. The purchaser shall transmit all money and fees that are withheld and a report of volumes of products purchased to the department on or before the 15th day of the following month, clearly identifying by number the fire hazard reduction agreement to which the withheld money, fees, and product volumes pertain. The purchaser shall keep accurate records of the purchase and the amounts withheld, which may be inspected by the department at any reasonable time.

(3) If forest products are not received or purchased in a given month, a report showing a zero balance and stating that products were not purchased must be submitted to the department.

(4) The department may require the purchaser to post a bond to the state in a form and for an amount as may be prescribed by the department to ensure faithful compliance with this part.

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