Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Rangeland Management


76-14-103. Definitions. As used in this part, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Committee" means the Montana rangeland resources committee selected as provided in 2-15-3305(2).

(2) "Department" means the department of natural resources and conservation.

(3) "Montana rangeland resource program" means the rangeland resource program administered by the conservation districts division of the department of natural resources and conservation in concert with the Montana conservation districts law and the Grass Conservation Act to maintain and enhance the rangeland resources of the state.

(4) "Person" means any individual or association, partnership, corporation, or other business entity.

(5) "Range condition" means the current condition of the vegetation on a range site in relation to the natural potential plant community for that site.

(6) "Range management" means a distinct discipline founded on ecological principles and dealing with the husbandry of rangelands and range resources.

(7) "Rangeland" means land on which the native vegetation (climax or natural potential) is predominantly grasses, grasslike plants, forbs, or shrubs suitable for grazing or browsing use.

(8) "State coordinator" means the state coordinator for the Montana Rangeland Resources Act provided for in 2-15-3304.

(9) "Tame pastureland" means land that has been modified by mechanical cultivation and that has current vegetation consisting of native or introduced species, or both.

(10) "Users of rangeland" means all persons, including but not limited to ranchers, farmers, hunters, anglers, recreationists, and others appreciative of the functional, productive, aesthetic, and recreational uses of rangelands.

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