Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Administration of Conservation Districts

Establishment Of Supervisor Areas And Reorganization Of District Governing Bodies

76-15-301. Establishment of supervisor areas and reorganization of district governing bodies. (1) (a) A conservation district is authorized to divide the unincorporated area of the district into no more than five supervisor areas.

(b) Each supervisor area must be represented by one supervisor. If less than five supervisor areas are established, a sufficient number of supervisors must be elected at large to complete the governing body of the district as provided in 76-15-311(1).

(2) (a) In a district containing no incorporated municipalities that are completely within the boundaries of the district, the department shall, upon passage of a resolution by the district to transition to seven supervisors, reorganize the district as provided in 76-15-305 and this subsection (2).

(b) A district that is reorganized pursuant to this section may be divided into no more than seven supervisor areas.

(3) If provided by ordinance of the district, a supervisor must reside in the area the supervisor represents.

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