Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Board of Land Commissioners

Cabin Site Licenses And Leases -- Method Of Establishing Value

77-1-208. Cabin site licenses and leases -- method of establishing value. (1) The board shall set the annual fee based on full market value for each cabin site and for each licensee or lessee who at any time wishes to continue or assign the license or lease. The fee must attain full market value based on one of the following methods:

(a) appraisal of the cabin site value as determined by the department of revenue. The licensee or lessee has the option to pay the entire fee on March 1 or to divide the fee into two equal payments due March 1 and September 1. The value may be increased or decreased as a result of the statewide reappraisal of property pursuant to 15-7-111. An appeal of a cabin site value determined by the department of revenue must be conducted pursuant to Title 15, chapter 15.

(b) establishing full rental market value through the use of an open competitive bidding process as provided in 77-1-235.

(2) A current licensee or lessee may complete or renew the licensee's or lessee's current lease based on valuation methods provided in subsection (1)(a), or at the end of the lease or license contract, the licensee or lessee may choose to proceed with the valuation option provided in subsection (1)(b).

(3) The board shall set the fee of each initial cabin site license or lease or each current cabin site license or lease of a person who does not choose to retain the license or lease. The initial fee must be based upon a system of competitive bidding. The fee for a person who wishes to retain that license or lease must be determined under the method provided for in subsection (1).

(4) (a) Subject to subsection (4)(b), the board shall follow the procedures set forth in 77-6-302, 77-6-303, and 77-6-306 for the disposal or valuation of any fixtures or improvements placed upon the property by the then-current licensee or lessee and shall require the subsequent licensee or lessee whose bid is accepted by the board to purchase those fixtures or improvements in the manner required by the board.

(b) (i) A subsequent licensee or lessee may not take occupancy unless the license or lease contract and the sale of improvements have been finalized. If a winning bidder has been identified and the transaction for the sale of the improvements is in process, the current lessee shall pay a prorated lease fee based on the current lease until the date that the sale of the improvements is finalized.

(ii) The valuation of improvements must be applicable to residential property inclusive of all improvements.

(iii) A licensee or lessee may assign or rent any improvements.

(iv) Within 3 years of canceling, terminating, or abandoning a cabin site lease, the owner of the improvements shall sell the improvements, remove the improvements, or transfer ownership of the improvements to the state. If ownership is transferred to the state, proceeds from the sale of the improvements must be paid to the owner who transferred the improvements. The board shall set the conditions of the sale of transferred improvements in order to sell the improvements in an expedient manner.

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