Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Sales

Certificate Of Purchase

77-2-327. Certificate of purchase. (1) Upon the approval of the sale and receipt of satisfactory evidence of settlement with the former lessee, if any, for improvements on the land, the department shall execute and mail to the purchaser a certificate of purchase signed by the governor as president of the board and by the director of the department and attested by the seal of the board. The certificate of purchase must contain the date of sale, the name and post-office address of the purchaser, a description of the land, the total purchase price, the amount paid on the day of sale, the balance unpaid, and the amount and due date of each installment of principal and interest to the time of maturity. The certificate must reserve the easements for rights-of-way granted by the statutes in favor of the United States and other easements that have been granted by the board and must contain the reservations in favor of the state provided for in 77-2-304 relating to coal, oil, and mineral rights in the land.

(2) The certificate must also contain information regarding the lien of the state on crops and improvements on the land; installments of principal, interest, and taxes; and any additional conditions, agreements, and information that the board considers necessary in order to carry out the intent of this part.

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