Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. State Forests

Role Of Department

77-5-103. Role of department. (1) The department shall, under the direction and control of the board, do all the field work in the selection, location, examination, appraisement, and reappraisement of state timberlands.

(2) The department shall do all acts required of it by the board, and under the direction of the board, it has general charge of the timberlands of the state.

(3) The department shall, under the supervision of the board:

(a) execute all matters pertaining to forestry within the jurisdiction of the state;

(b) direct the protection, improvement, and condition of state forests;

(c) take any action authorized by law to prevent and extinguish wildland fires; and

(d) enforce the laws pertaining to forest and nonforest lands and prosecute for any violation of those laws.

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