Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Timber Sales and Removal

Management Of Timber By Department

77-5-206. Management of timber by department. (1) The department shall supervise all the management of timber before it is cut and secure the most complete utilization of all forest products consistent with the current forest management practices.

(2) It shall instruct and supervise the cruisers, forest wardens, and scalers in the conduct of their work and fix and establish the standard practice in timber sales administration.

(3) Records of converting factors, units of measure, and the scale of logs shall be kept as a permanent public record showing the date of scale or measurement, the designation of the scale, and the name of the scaler.

(4) Where the volume of timber involved is not in excess of 1 million board feet log scale, the department may designate each tree to be cut and make a tree scale measurement of all trees to be sold.

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