Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Rental Provisions

Formula For Fixing Annual Rental

77-6-507. Formula for fixing annual rental. (1) In this section:

(a) "animal unit" means one cow, one horse, five sheep, or five goats;

(b) "animal-unit-month carrying capacity" means that amount of natural feed necessary for the complete subsistence of one animal unit for 1 month.

(2) The board shall establish the per annum rental rate per section of all grazing lands that are the property of the state by multiplying a factor established by the board pursuant to 77-6-502 times the average price per pound of beef cattle on the farm in Montana for the previous year times the animal-unit-month carrying capacity of the land.

(3) The carrying capacity of the land to be used in the above formula must be in accordance with the determinations of the department made under 77-6-201.

(4) The average price per pound of beef cattle on the farm in Montana must be taken from statistics published by the United States department of agriculture current at the time of computation of the rental or from other reliable sources current at that time.

(5) In establishing the rental rate described in subsection (2), the board shall consider applicable elements that include but are not limited to those set forth in 77-1-106.

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