Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Hail Insurance

Duty Of Department -- Election Of Benefits Of Law

80-2-204. Duty of department -- election of benefits of law. The department shall upon request explain the provisions of this part to each person engaged in the growing of crops subject to injury or destruction by hail. The department shall issue hail insurance policies to each person who desires to become subject to this part, to become liable for the fee provided for in this part, and to be eligible for the benefits and protection of this part. A person who elects to become subject to this part is liable for the fees for hail insurance and shall participate in the benefits and protection afforded by this part. The owners of lands worked by others under lease or contract or the lessee of land under lease or contract may make the election for hail insurance and may tender payment of the fee charged for hail insurance to the officer authorized to receive payment.

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