Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Hail Insurance

Delinquent Fees -- Application By Delinquent -- Crop Lien

80-2-207. Delinquent fees -- application by delinquent -- crop lien. (1) An owner of land who is delinquent in paying fees pursuant to this part may not be allowed hail insurance under the provisions of this part unless the owner's application is accompanied by a payment for the delinquent amount, including interest imposed under 80-2-230, plus the amount that would be due on the application for that year.

(2) Any grower who is unable to secure state hail insurance under the provisions of this part because of delinquent fees or for other reasons may make an application to the department, and the department may accept the application when the applicant furnishes a sufficient crop lien that is subject only to a seed lien. The crop lien may be accepted only under rules prescribed by the board of hail insurance and under the provision that the board may cancel any hail insurance accepted in violation of the rules. Upon receipt of the application, the department shall make a record of the application and shall file the lien with the secretary of state. The department shall also send a bill to the grower for the proper amount due for hail insurance under the provisions of this part.

(3) A tenant who has delinquent hail insurance that was secured by a crop lien but not by real estate is not allowed another policy in any succeeding year until the delinquent amount, including interest imposed pursuant to 80-2-230, is paid.

(4) If a tenant becomes delinquent in paying for hail insurance after having failed to apply for relief as provided by the board under 80-2-229, the tenant may apply to the board for a reduction in the fee initially charged. If the reasons for requesting a reduction are approved by the board, the board may reduce the fee to not less than one-half the original amount charged.

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