Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 2. Hail Insurance

Reserve Fund

80-2-228. Reserve fund. (1) Each year when the hail board sets its annual fee for the payment of current losses, for expenses of administration, and for an addition to the reserve if conditions permit, it may not increase the fee enough in any year so that the addition to the reserve will exceed 5% of the maximum risk written for that year.

(2) The board may engage the services of a qualified actuary to conduct an actuarial valuation of the reserve. This valuation may include the actuary's determination of the amount of reserve necessary to absorb all reasonably anticipated catastrophic losses. This amount is the maximum permissible reserve fund for the next year.

(3) The reserve must be deposited in an enterprise fund.

(4) The board may not draw on the reserve for any purpose unless the amount required for the payment of losses for the current year, including interest on warrants and costs of administration, exceeds the amount of the estimate made by the board for the current year pursuant to 80-2-221.

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