Montana Code Annotated 2019



Part 2. Hail Insurance

Adjusters -- Appointment -- Qualifications -- Duties

80-2-242. Adjusters -- appointment -- qualifications -- duties. (1) The department shall retain a sufficient number of adjusters to appraise all losses by hail that are covered by hail insurance under this part.

(2) The department may call on one or more of the adjusters to appraise each loss, and the adjusters shall promptly report their findings to the department according to the rules adopted by the board.

(3) An adjuster who is a relative, attorney, agent, employee, or creditor of a person incurring a crop loss due to hail and subject to insurance coverage under this part or who has an interest in a lien or mortgage on the crop injured or destroyed may not appraise or assist in appraising the loss.

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