Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Agricultural Commodities Generally

License Suspension And Revocation -- Renewal

80-4-421. License suspension and revocation -- renewal. (1) The department may revoke, suspend, or modify a commodity warehouse operator's or commodity dealer's license when it has reasonable cause to believe that the licensee has committed any of the following acts, each of which is a violation of parts 4 through 7 of this chapter:

(a) failure to maintain all initial licensing requirements, including insurance, bonding, equity, and working capital requirements. In determining compliance with equity and working capital requirements, the department may consider the licensee's status under any prior or current bankruptcy proceedings, as well as any outstanding civil settlements or judgments.

(b) aiding or abetting another person in the violation of the licensure or any other provisions of parts 4 through 7 of this chapter;

(c) conviction of any criminal offense defined under Title 45, after considering Title 37, chapter 1, part 2;

(d) failure or refusal to allow inspection or maintain and provide records, reports, and other information required by the department;

(e) failure or refusal to post storage and other charges as filed with the department;

(f) failure or refusal to accept agricultural commodities for storage as required under 80-4-523;

(g) failure to comply with the warehouse receipt and scale weight ticket requirements of 80-4-525 and 80-4-527;

(h) failure of a warehouse operator to maintain and deliver upon request sufficient agricultural commodities to cover outstanding warehouse receipts as required under 80-4-531;

(i) discrimination in charges by a warehouse operator as provided in 80-4-524;

(j) failure to provide payment for any agricultural commodity;

(k) failure to satisfy a judgment entered as a result of a violation of this chapter;

(l) violation of or failure or refusal to comply with any other provision of parts 4 through 7 of this chapter or any rule adopted by the department pursuant to parts 4 through 7; or

(m) failure to assess, report, or pay an assessment authorized and required pursuant to Title 80, chapter 4 or 11.

(2) The department may refuse to issue or renew a license if the applicant or licensee:

(a) has a license as a warehouse operator or commodity dealer that was previously or is currently suspended or revoked. In determining the sufficiency of cause, the department shall consider the nature and length of the action and any subsequent licensure or other evidence of rehabilitation.

(b) does not satisfy the bonding, insurance, equity, or working capital requirements as specified in subsection (1)(a) or any other provisions required as a condition to licensing;

(c) has been convicted of a criminal offense and the denial or refusal is made after considering Title 37, chapter 1, part 2.

(3) The issuance of a license based on information provided by the applicant that the department subsequently determines incorrect is void, and any conduct under that license is a violation.

(4) All proceedings brought under subsections (1) and (2) must be conducted under the provisions of the Montana Administrative Procedure Act.

(5) The department is authorized to issue summary revocations, suspensions, or denials without hearing pursuant to the procedures established in 2-4-631.

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