Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 7. Inspection and Grading

Records Of Inspection

80-4-722. Records of inspection. (1) The official agricultural commodity inspectors, samplers, and weighers have exclusive control at places provided for state inspection of the weighing and grading of agricultural commodities to be inspected. Suitable books and records must be kept in which must be entered an accurate record of every carload or truckload of agricultural commodities inspected or weighed by them. The records must show for each car or truck:

(a) the number or other designation of the car or truck;

(b) the net weight of the agricultural commodity;

(c) the kind of agricultural commodity and its grade and, if graded below standard No. 1 grade, the reason for the grade.

(2) For each carload or truckload of agricultural commodities, the official agricultural commodity inspector shall give a certificate of inspection, showing the kind and grade of the agricultural commodity, the reason for all grades below No. 1, and the amount to be allowed for dockage, if any. For each carload or truckload weighed, the weigher shall give a weight certificate showing the true weight and containing a statement on the condition of the car or truck and evidences of leakage or damage, if any.

(3) The inspection and weight certificates must be made available to the warehouse loading or unloading the agricultural commodity, the shipper or the shipper's agent, and the railroad company or other carrier by which the agricultural commodity was shipped or carried.

(4) Official agricultural commodity inspectors and weighers shall also keep an accurate record of all appeals and decisions and a complete record of every official act, which books and records must be open to inspection by any party of interest.

History: En. Sec. 66, Ch. 539, L. 1983; amd. Sec. 18, Ch. 76, L. 1997.