Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Seed Labeling -- Licensing -- Certification

Licensing -- Application -- Fee

80-5-130. Licensing -- application -- fee. (1) All facilities located in the state that condition agricultural seed shall obtain a license from the department for each facility. However, a seed grower, when conditioning only seed from that grower's own production, is not required to be licensed under this part.

(2) Each seed conditioning plant shall post in a conspicuous location in the facility:

(a) its fees for conditioning services; and

(b) the license for the facility.

(3) A person whose name and address appear on the label of agricultural seed sold in Montana, as required by 80-5-123, shall obtain a seed labeler's license from the department before doing business in Montana. The following persons, however, are excluded from the licensing requirements under this subsection:

(a) a Montana certified seed grower when labeling certified seed from that grower's own production;

(b) any person who updates germination test data by affixing to the package of seed a supplemental label bearing new germination data, the lot number, and the person's name and address; or

(c) a Montana grower who labels seed only of that labeler's own production with a gross annual sales value of $5,000 or less.

(4) A person who sells agricultural seed in Montana shall obtain a seed dealer's license from the department for each place where seed is located or sold, except for:

(a) a person who sells seed only in sealed packages of 10 pounds or less;

(b) a person who sells seed that has a gross sales value of $1,000 or less a year;

(c) a person who sells seed only to a Montana-licensed seed dealer, labeler, or conditioner; or

(d) a Montana grower selling only seed of that grower's own production with a gross annual sales value of $5,000 or less.

(5) (a) The department may by rule adjust a license fee to maintain adequate funding for the administration of this part.

(b) The license fee may not be less than $50 a year or more than $200 a year for a person who is a Montana resident and who:

(i) sells, labels, or sells and labels seed;

(ii) is a seed dealer;

(iii) operates a seed conditioning plant; or

(iv) is a seed labeler.

(c) The license fee for a person who is a nonresident and who is:

(i) a seed dealer may not be less than $100 or more than $250 a year; or

(ii) a seed labeler may not be less than $50 or more than $200 a year.

(6) An application for a license under this section must be made in a manner and on forms provided by the department. The application must contain:

(a) the location of each seed conditioning plant if the application is for a seed conditioning plant license;

(b) a sample label if the application is for a seed labeler license; and

(c) a list of persons selling seed if required by department rule.

(7) Seed dealers shall provide with all shipments of agricultural seed a bill of lading or other evidence of delivery that includes:

(a) the names of:

(i) the seed dealer;

(ii) the shipper, if other than the seed dealer;

(iii) the buyer; and

(iv) the receiver, if other than the buyer; and

(b) the destination where the seed will be first unloaded.

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