Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 11. Alfalfa Leaf-Cutting Bees

Alfalfa Leaf-Cutting Bees -- Certification

80-6-1105. Alfalfa leaf-cutting bees -- certification. (1) A person possessing or controlling alfalfa leaf-cutting bees in the state of Montana may annually certify all or part of the person's bees as provided in this section.

(2) To certify bees, a person shall file a completed application form provided by the department, together with a fee set by rule. The applicant shall provide the following:

(a) name and place of residence;

(b) the general location and number of bees to be certified; and

(c) other relevant information as may be required by committee rule.

(3) After receipt of an application for certification, a sample of the total population of bees to be certified must be selected by the committee or its agent in a manner prescribed by the committee. The sample must be analyzed for pathogens, parasites, predators, nest destroyers, and live larvae count. If certification standards are met, the sample must be certified.

(4) All bees to be certified may be stored in containers that can be officially sealed after sampling to maintain their certification identity.

(5) When the committee has in its possession a completed application form, an appropriate fee, and a report that the sample meets certification standards, it may issue a certificate for the bees.

(6) The committee shall by rule specify the date by which any applicant shall apply for recertification the following year.

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