Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 11. Alfalfa Leaf-Cutting Bees

Fees To Be Set By Rule -- Account Established

80-6-1109. Fees to be set by rule -- account established. (1) Fees authorized to be charged by this part must be set by committee rule. The fees must be designed, when combined with other revenue sources available to the committee, to reimburse the committee for costs incurred in providing services and carrying out its duties under this part.

(2) There is an account in the state special revenue fund known as the leaf-cutting bee account for use by the committee. The account is made up of:

(a) fees collected under this part;

(b) money collected as part of the alfalfa seed assessment provided for in 80-11-307 and allocated to the account by the committee; and

(c) any grants, donations, or gifts made to the committee and designated by the committee for the purposes of this part.

(3) The committee may direct the board of investments to invest money from the account pursuant to the provisions of the unified investment program. The income from investments must be credited to the leaf-cutting bee account.

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