Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Production and Distribution

Deposit Of Fees

80-9-207. Deposit of fees. (1) All fees collected for licenses, registration, and inspection must be deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the state special revenue fund for the purpose of administering this chapter, including the cost of equipment and facilities and the cost of inspecting, analyzing, and examining commercial feeds manufactured or distributed in this state and the cost of developing better analytical methods and means of evaluating the value or the potential toxic qualities of a feed.

(2) The department may direct the board of investments to invest funds from the state special revenue fund pursuant to the provisions of the unified investment program for state funds. The income from those investments must be credited to the proper department account in the state special revenue fund.

(3) The account in subsection (1) may receive funds from any source, including but not limited to gifts, grants, cost-share funds, or other funds designated for purposes consistent with this chapter.

(4) Any administrative civil penalties collected under 80-9-303 must be deposited in the Montana state university-Bozeman agricultural experiment station research account and may be used only for feed and animal nutrition research and education.

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