Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Agricultural Marketing and Transportation

Department's Marketing Duties

80-11-103. Department's marketing duties. The department shall:

(1) keep abreast of research results in the subject matter area of marketing;

(2) coordinate work with local, state, and national planning groups and other interested parties in helping them identify major problem areas and needs in marketing;

(3) develop and carry out appropriate action programs that will result in significant improvements being made by those people concerned with problems of marketing;

(4) coordinate efforts with representatives of other agencies or organizations or persons who are concerned with related programs;

(5) investigate the costs of marketing;

(6) gather and disseminate information concerning supply, demand, favorable marketing information, prevailing prices, and changes in marketing movements, practices, and rates, including common and cold storage of food products;

(7) promote, assist, and encourage the organization and operation of cooperative and other associations and organizations for improving the relations and services among producers, distributors, and consumers of food products;

(8) investigate the practice and methods concerning the marketing of agricultural products;

(9) act as mediator or arbitrator, when invited, in a controversy or issue that may arise between producers and distributors;

(10) assist producers and distributors in the economical and efficient distribution of agricultural products at fair prices;

(11) appear and be heard at any hearing involving agricultural marketing affecting Montana; and

(12) award and distribute grants from the agricultural transportation enhancement account pursuant to 80-11-105 to enhance the transportation of agricultural goods and to meet the purposes of Title 7, chapter 14, part 11.

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