Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Wheat and Barley Research and Marketing

Powers Of The Committee

80-11-205. Powers of the committee. (1) The committee may:

(a) adopt rules necessary for the administration of this part;

(b) provide, through the department, for the enforcement of this part;

(c) provide for the conduct of research into the production, marketing, and uses of wheat and barley;

(d) enter into contracts or agreements with units of the Montana university system and other local, state, or national organizations, public or private, for the purposes of improving wheat or barley quality, increasing the efficiency of production, developing marketing knowledge, developing markets, determining new uses for wheat or barley, developing alternative crops for wheat or barley, and carrying out all research and marketing contemplated by this part. The committee may not establish research units or agencies of its own.

(2) Researchers or professional or scientific personnel may not be employed to carry out this part except as provided in subsection (1)(d) of this section.

(3) None of the powers or duties provided for in this part permit participation in state or federal political action by the committee.

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