Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Alfalfa Seed Industry

Payment Of Assessment

80-11-308. Payment of assessment. All assessments levied and imposed under 80-11-307 must be paid to the department of agriculture by the person, either grower or dealer, by whom the alfalfa seed is first handled in the primary channels of trade and must be paid at times that the department may by rule prescribe but not later than 60 days from the date on which the grower received payment for the alfalfa seed. If the party first handling the alfalfa seed in the primary channels of trade is a person other than the grower, that party may charge against or recover from the grower of the alfalfa seed the full amount of any assessment levied and imposed under 80-11-307.

History: En. Sec. 9, Ch. 405, L. 1981; amd. Sec. 2613, Ch. 56, L. 2009.